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I just love (Deliberately) glitchy animation

Dammit, cant find the secrets.

Nuff said about that. Yet another witty and random video. I be watching this in the exact same situation that you are in, only sans a brother to kick me off. God do I hate dialup.

Everyone knows about the dream sequence being awesome, I pretty much jizz in my pan- did I say that out loud? Oh well, every time i see the animation in a glitchy style. Gotta ask how you do some of those effects when i finally get the balls to try animating on flash for real.

This is awesome, you're awesome, enjoy the Ten bucks. Buy some coffee.

Bobert-Rob responds:

I'll do my best, good sir. I'm glad you enjoyed that dream sequence, man! The best way to figure out how to make something glitchy is to do a shitload of research on glitching. I know I've done plenty of research on it, it's fun finding all the ways a thing can mess up. Lots of experimenting there. Thanks for watching and donating!

They got quite tall at the end.

I would suggest working on a quick character model reference to get the height right.

other than that quite fluid.

I speculate you are australian. *is also*

hikuihito responds:

yer i'm aussie

This is SO me in the shower

I got the message, Bitch. Now act like it never happened.

Bobert-Rob responds:

You sing about games your younger sibling plays? Odd. Though I guess that's cool. Thumbs up.


Thanks for the comment!

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I bet some of you will be thinking this is bull...

But I got "Where the hell is mona" on the first try, clicking whatever one i felt like randomly.

This game, like the previous, is choc full of satire and lulz. It pretty much sums up the decade in a way that no other method can.

Its so good for you, so new for you...

You get 10 out of 10 just for having "Its Bad for me" Referenced.

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5 stages and supernatural claims, funny.

Firstly, bdunn3 does not have the brain capacity to understand the humour, let alone caps lock.


Anyways, I thought it was a good game, Generally funny, With humour coming from different angles every time. It was well thought out.

One thing though, It does get repetitive, but that's the real point of it, now, isn't it.

8/10 and 5/5 ( I like it so I am up-voting... )

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This is a brilliant song, all the parts you could use on their own and together!

you got fived for this.

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well... what now?

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